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Some of my excellent reviews.   I am very proud of the 5-star rating that I have maintained in both Brooklyn and Vestal. In addition, at the end of a session, I often hear, "That was Astounding,” “Amazing,” "Deep” or, one of my favorites, “Transformative”

From: E L


I've had many massages from Charles, most recently an in-home massage that put me right back on track when I was getting sick.  I look forward to many more sessions with him.  

Here are some further thoughts to share:

*He genuinely cares about the person on his table.  
*He makes you feel completely comfortable during the massage.
*His work is excellent, knowledgeable, and effective.  
*He listens to what you ask for, and tailors the session accordingly.
*His space is welcoming and homey in the best way.  
*He communicates clearly, so you always know what's going on.
*He's very generous with his time, and accommodating when scheduling.

From: B B


Charles is awesome! I walked into BC Massage a tight, crunchy mess (I do crossfit :) and practically floated out there. He really paid attention to all the right areas and loosened me up a lot. He has experience with athletes/active people and really knew what he was doing. He even gave great advice in reference to self-massage/foam rollers. I feel amazing. Highly recommend!

From M A


I came to Charles over a year ago with a lot of pain in my back and shoulders, unable to sit comfortably in any position. Before anything, he took the time to talk to me, and to get to know my problems, my needs and my background so he could assess how best to apply his skills and knowledge. Unlike some places where you feel like you're getting a generic massage, Charles caters everything to your body's needs.  When I come off the table at the end of his massage, I always feel restored back to the position my body is meant to be in. My energy feels balanced, and my mood adjusted. Charles's holistic approach addresses not just the physical but the energetic and the emotional. When I travel for long periods of time I find myself wishing I could've taken Charles along in my suitcase! Your body starts to know what it needs and Charles knows how to provide it. Not to mention he's a great conversationalist (only if you want him to be)!

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