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Charles Michener, Healer

I am the sole practitioner at BC massage.  I have immersed myself into healing work since 2010.  I am a licensed massage therapist after graduating from The Swedish institute massage program, long considered one of the countries preeminent bodywork schools, I have continued my studies in Polarity, Craniosacral and Shamanic spiritual practices.  I work as an intuitive healer who works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

For the last six years I have been training with a shaman, and I am really beginning to get that work into my being in a meaningful way.   It was almost against my will that I started this training.  I was scared and didn’t trust it but I kept tripping over it and having deeply meaningful experiences so I decided to find someone to teach me.   The very day I gave up fighting against it I got a email telling me about a year long program teaching the basics of shamanic spiritualism.  For the last six years I have gone deep with the same teacher and found my path and what I am supposed to bring into this world.   For many people shamanism is synonymous with psychedelic medicine. This is not what I am practicing, I do not utilize psychedelics only a deep connection to the spiritual realm.  To be clear I do not claim to be a shaman only that these tools are in my toolbox and I am beginning to truly understand how do use them.

I come to the work of healing after spending most of my life in the construction trades, in my teen years I briefly touched on the healing path before I turned away feeling that my spirit and emotional self needed more maturity.   This choice lead to a twenty five year career in construction working as a painter, plasterer, carpenter, foreman,project manager and finally business owner. 

I have also been blessed to learn a deep love and respect for the outdoors, canoeing, camping and hiking are central to his life.

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