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Ramblings and old Newsletters

Here I put anything I don’t know where else to go and archived newsletters.

Newsletter #1.

My friends I have finally got around to sending out a newsletter.
I started to think about what I should put in it, things like useful information, discounts or specials, news about what's been happening professionally at BC massage.   These things left the taste of ash in my mouth.   So I have decided to tell you a story instead:
A week or so ago I was working on one of my clients, an older woman, a wise woman, a person I am always happy to see.   She said to me in the middle of our session.   "I have a message for you".   Then she asked me a question. "Have you ever owned the title healer?"  I laughed and said I didn't understand the question. I told her I own my home, I've owned a couple of cars, and I used to own a construction company.   This conversation made me nervous, It put me off balance.  It is rare for conversation with a client to knock me off my center. She asked me again if I affirmed that I was a healer.    Still I tried to avoid the question and steered the conversation somewhere else.   After the session, while we were chatting, the question came up again.  I felt my heart rate rise, anxiety clawed at me.   This was not something I felt ready for.  But I thought to myself.   "What have I been doing all this work for, what journey am I on?"  
So I answered.  "Yes, I affirm that I am a healer!"   Then I thanked her for asking the question.  It felt strange and somewhat empowering to say that out loud.   The anxiety retreated.  Since then I have been thinking about my discomfort and anxiety stemming from the question.   To me a "healer" is someone with a great deal of experience and training, giving them mastery of their craft.  For myself I feel like a journeyman at best.  I can do a workman like job with massage or polarity but mastery is still in the future, much further along this journey than I am currently on.    What I have gained from this encounter is the realization that a journeyman healer, such as myself, is still a healer.  This is a mantle that I can be proud and happy to wear.   I am a healer!  Bring me you sore muscles, your twisted ankles, your post-operative scar tissue, or even you spiritual angst.   I will bring my skills to the table, and do my very best to help you to a better place.   I am betting that together we will get you to that better place.
With that in mind I am offering a two for one spring special!   Buy one 60 minute massage session at regular price and get a second polarity session for free.   This offer is only good till September 20th 2015.   I really hope I will see you soon.
Be well till then,

Newsletter #2.
My dear friends when I sent you the last news letter I told you about my evolution as a practitioner.   This time I want to tell you about the evolution of BC Massage the business.


These newsletters are part of it.   I don’t want to clutter up your mail box with junk but I do believe that together we can make your life better.  For this reason each newsletter will have some savings offer.   So come in and let’s get you into a better place.  


I’ve updated my website, added gift certificates so you can share the great work with your loved ones.   The holidays are coming up and a better gift I can’t think of!


And finally the newsletter offer.   For readers of this newsletter please upgrade from a 60 minute session to a 90 minute session at no additional cost.  Just tell us promo code: Newsletter2 when booking your appointment.   This offer is only good for session booked before (12/10/2015).

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